The curse of the mother’s father may have met its match!

My dad’s dad had a great full head of white hair. Dad had a full head of dark hair up to the day he passed at 84. Me, not so much and me, none too happy about it. I joke about being in radio because hair loss drove me from my television career! They say the mother’s father will

determine the son’s hair follicular future!  Thanks for nuthin’ Grandpa Bud!But then a ray of hope from the lab, because sometimes drugs approved for one condition are found to work wonders for another. That's what happened when scientists at Yale tested an FDA-approved arthritis drug. CBS News reports a young man in the trial with almost no hair on his body developed a full head of hair following treatment with the drug. Scientists say it's a huge step forward in the treatment of patients with the condition and they believe the same results will be duplicated in other patients.  

Come to think of it, my arthritis has been acting up a lot lately … which way to Yale?