A cyber attack has impacted grocery store customers in the Northwest during one of the busiest times of the year. URM stores is a Spokane based wholesaler that processes electronic payments for several grocery store chains including Yoke's, Rosauers, Super 1 Foods, Family Foods, CenterPlace Market, and Trading Co. Stores.

The Yakima Rosauers and the URM in Yakima, affected by the security breech, have had to deal with their system shutting down the week of Thanksgiving. URM is urging all customers to use cash or check.  At Rosauers, they do have one station with a secured phone line but expect a wait to use it.  To help customers deal with the inconvenience Rosauers is offering a 10% discount to all customers through today (Wednesday).

If you suspect that your credit or debit card may have been compromised, you should immediately contact the bank that issued the card.  Pat Neighbors, the Chief Operating Officer of Solarity Credit Union urges all of us to check our bank accounts online to closely monitor our accounts.  "If you don't have online banking this would be a great time to set up online banking with your financial institution because you can really keep a handle on your account, you can be looking daily at your account."

In a statement released by URM "We are working around the clock implementing enhanced security measures to block any further unauthorized access to our system. Until these measures are in place, you should consider paying with cash or check."