In days past, when the grocery ads would come out in Wednesday's newspaper it was a big deal for me. After successful bariatric surgery, the thrill is gone.


I used to salivate over Wednesday's grocery ads. What are the meat specials? Who has what on sale in the deli? What's in the bakery? What fantastic meals can I plan for my family?

After having lost 130 pounds after successful Lap-Band surgery, my focus on food has changed. My stomach now holds the equivalent of a shot glass, and since it holds so little, I have to be pretty choosey about what goes in it. So, big meals are out.

I still like to cook for my family, especially on weekends. I just have to be satisfied with just a taste, because I get full in nothing flat.

Oh, I still check out the ad from my local supermarket, and use its mobile app. If I see a good buy on something, I make sure and tell my wife, or remember it for a weekend meal for the family. But the days of pouring over the ad and dreaming of the fantastic foods I could put together with those ingredients are over.

Hey look, cheese is on sale at Wray's. Cheese, I can eat. Better file that one away.

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