Maybe you’ve seen the video of the Military dad who comes back from deployment to Cuba just in time to make it to his daughter’s graduation.  Lots of tears and emotion in that one!  The internet is full of stories of people sacrificing or struggling to get to their child’s big day.  It is an important milestone and one of life’s major transitions.That being said it’s not at all surprising that former Prosser Mayor Linda Lusk would want to be there when her daughter graduates. One problem-- Lusk was banned from all school activities after a guilty plea to third-degree child molestation back in 2011.

The Prosser district policy says registered sex offenders can’t come on school grounds or go to school events.

The matter now moves to court as Lusk hopes to be able to function as a regular mom in the life of her daughter.  Our question for you is - should she be allowed?  We'll talk about it with you on the Morning News!