Washington Governor Jay Inslee says he needs time to decide whether or not to support Initiative 5-22.  The Governor, who once represented Central Washington's 14th District in the State Legislature. says he hasn't decided how to vote on the controversial ballot measure to require genetically engineered foods to be labeled.

On one hand Inslee says the scientific literature shows no negative health effects with Genetically Engineered foods on the other hand he realizes many voters want to have that information.

The campaign is getting very expensive.  The Yes on 522 campaign has raised $5.1 million dollars. It just received a $250,000 boost from the Washington D.C. Center for Food Safety Action Fund.   Opponents have raised $17.1 million, largely from a food industry trade group and several large corporations.

Supporters say consumers have a right to know whether foods they buy contain GE ingredients. Opponents say it would cost farmers and food processors, and raise prices on consumers.

The Yakima County Farm Bureau and the Washington State Farm Bureau are against the measure.