Sad but true -- summer is just about over. But as she goes, if we all say thank you and good-bye, we may be less likely to succumb to the colds and flu of fall.

New British research finds that good manners not only separate humans from the rest of the animals on Earth, but also helps keep humans free of disease.

Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images

Dr. Val Curtis, an expert on disease control says, "Far from being an old-fashioned set of rules about which fork to use, manners are so important that they should be up there with fire and the invention of language as a prime candidate for what makes us human."

Curtis argues that manners allow humans to socialize without getting ill from bacteria and viruses, and that feeling disgusted by certain behaviors provoked shame in humans there therefore taught them not to repeat an offense.

Curtis says the purpose of manners ultimately is, "So we can get close enough to share the benefits but avoid sharing our microbes." (Daily Mail)

So mind your manners, cover your mouth when you cough & sneeze, wash your hands frequently and let’s all get along together—disease free!