Yakima is preparing to test a pilot curbside recycling program after its citizen survey results showed most people in town were in favor of such a program. About 1,000 homes will be selected to a part of the pilot program. Each of those homes will be given plastic recycle bags to fill over a 12-week period and put out with the trash.

KIMA Action News reports that the same truck that grabs your garbage will grab the bag full of recyclables. Yakima Refuse & Recycling Manager Nancy Fortier says the city is now testing different plastic bags for the program.

City officials say there could be a fee eventually. Yakima must consider things like the price of supplying the bags and how many trips trucks need to make to get the job done. Curbside recycling is available now through private companies.

Yakima hopes to start its pilot program in April and said glass will not be collected. Fortier says education will play a big part in the process to help people understand what they can recycle and what needs to be in the trash.