Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

t won’t be too long now until Betty and Bobby are back in school.  Who am I kidding, it won’t be long before Aiden and Sophia are back in school but getting them there is apparently NOT half the fun.

Personal Shopper recently surveyed two-thousand parents to find out their take on back-to-school shopping. Here's a look at the results:

•        64% say back-to-school shopping is time-consuming or stressful

•        20% dread back-to-school shopping

•        61% find sticking to their budget to be the biggest challenge of back-to-school shopping

•        70% say quote, "getting deals on the items both they and their kids want" would make the experience more enjoyable

•        29% say they have to keep their kids focused on buying the things they need to go back to school

•        20% go to the mall more than once or visit than one store to buy necessary items

•        18% don't have enough time to finish back-to-school shopping

•        17% argue with their children while shopping

•        15% can't find the brands their children want

Percentage of parents surveyed who find back-to-school shopping worse than the following activities:

•        21% - sitting in traffic

•        20% - doing laundry

•        12% - visiting their in-laws

•        12% - cleaning their homes

•        11% - helping their kids with their homework

•        10% - paying their bills

•        9% - working longer hours

•        8% - doing taxes

•        7% - going to the dentist