Let’s review last night’s city council decision to raise your utility taxes. I am not happy about the outcome. Yes, there are a few folks willing to pay a little more to hold the line. (If you’ve got it, feel free to mail it in!) It seems there are a few more willing to pay a little more IF they could get more or better service. (we didn’t provide for that—but we could have) But the loudest voices have been those saying “make the tough cuts and live within your means”. That’s the message being sent to congress, to the legislature and I believe to city hall. We didn’t listen. We raised taxes to preserve the status quo….we aren’t living within our means and we aren’t providing enhanced service. We are like a gallon of gas…. No better mileage, just more cost. I am of the opinion that YOU should have the final say on a status quo vote…if we are taking more money and not giving you more for it, that should be your call…your public vote.

Based on the Mayor’s plan I made a motion for 5% increase to hire a total of ten police. It would have forced us to make million dollar tough cuts in a number of departments, (living in our means) it would have set some money aside to replace the state cuts that are sure to come (responsible foresight) and it would have enhanced our gang and crime fighting capability, (being proactive on our number one city priority)

But in the end I couldn’t convince the majority of the council to see the wisdom in the proposal. I apologize for that. I really do believe that proposal is what’s best for the city and still I think YOU should have a vote on it as well. We managed to preserve the current system…which we ALL agree is short on….. police!  It makes NO SENSE to me. How about you?