The first major snow of the season arrived over the weekend and the Franklin Park hill is open for business.

It was pandemonium Saturday. Sleds racing every which way. Even the crashes were fun. The only problem was getting back up to the top.

Saturday was definitely a perfect day to have some fun in the snow but it was not fun and games for everybody. The snow also put some people to work.

Jerry Bendall made more than $80 Saturday helping local businesses keep their sidewalks clear for walking. He was on the streets with his shovel at 4:00 a.m.

The snow also caused some dangerous driving as close to 200 weather related accidents have happened in the region since Thursday.

"We received a lot of snow and really cold temperatures so you see a lot of ice," Meagan McFadden of the Department of Transportation told KNDO News. "Icy conditions on the roadway and people may have been driving too fast for conditions."

Conditions were so bad early Saturday morning, an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 82 was closed for 5 hours.

"I would definitely say winter has arrived," McFadden said.