Let’s face it, one of the great things about being married for most of us men is that we get to eat better than when we were single.  Frozen food was a staple and chances are we dodged a frozen bullet a time or two by eating something a ways past its expiration date!  

Scott Olson/Getty Images

During this Frozen  Food Month, If you care to think back, or if you single guys still need to know, here is the 4-1-1 on Frozen --the food, not the movie!

National Frozen Food Month -- How long will frozen food keep?

  • Frozen dinners -- three to four months
  • Ground beef and turkey -- three months
  • Bacon, unopened -- one month
  • Roasts -- six to twelve months
  • Whole fish -- five to six months
  • Fish fillets -- four to five months
  • Shellfish -- four to six months
  • Whole chicken or turkey -- twelve months
  • Chicken or turkey pieces -- nine months
  • Cooked poultry -- four months