The US Army Reserves 6th JAG Legal Operations Detachment has opened a legal assistance office on the Yakima Training Center

Services are offered on the third Saturday of every month from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. in building 301 at the Yakima Training Center. The services are available at no cost to active duty, reserve, retired service members (with I.D. card) and their dependents as well as those receiving disability through the V.A.

Yakima attorney Scott Brumback, also a U.S. Army Reserve Major, is one of four Judge Advocate General (JAG) officers that will be staffing the office every month.

Brumback was a guest on Friday's Mike Bastinelli show. He talked about the legal services that are offered, and why they are important to active, resrrve and retired military and their families.

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