• Yakima Transit riders will soon be able to ride a bus to and from the West Valley Walmart.

    City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city is going to eliminate service to South 96th Avenue and instead revise route 1 that will extend to south 72nd avenue.

    “So we’re stopping the service to 72nd. The service will now go down South 72nd Avenue and pickup and drop off people at the West Valley Walmart.”

    O'Rourke says the revising of the routes will save the city $350,000 every year. That savings coupled with other revisions in transit this year have saved the city a combined $1.1 million dollars in operating costs with what O'Rourke says is very little impact on service.

    The city council is expected to approve the new route next month.

  • The co-owner of Yakima's Acme Canine Center says there's nothing to fear about pit bull dogs.

    Brian Neet is hopeful when the city council meets in November to look at the pit bull ban that the ban is lifted.

    Neet says he takes care of pit bulls in his daycare and they are loving animals that get along with all the other dogs. He says it is not the dogs fault if they are aggressive and points to how they are raised and trained.

    Neet says a ban punishes all pit bull owners when not all pit bulls are aggressive.

    The Acme Canine Center is the sponsor of KIT's Naughty Dog contest. You can vote for the best picture right now at newstalkkit.com.

  • Yakima Valley Libraries have received a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts to help fund a reading program next month known as “The Big Read.”The libraries’ Resource Director Charlotte Hinderliter says it is the fourth year the library system has been given a grant for $17,000. The Big Read starts October 5.

    “Everyone is encouraged to come to our kickoff on the 5th and sign a pledge card, grab a book and be a part of the Big Read”

    In the Big Read everyone in the community is encouraged to read the same book and hold discussions, performances and museum exhibits will happen in October.

    The book Into The Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea is available during the kickoff event October 5th at the Central library in downtown Yakima.

  • 42 people including an employee of the casino have been indicted after being accused of stealing the money.

    According to the Federal indictment in US District Court in Yakima people would collect winnings of $250 to $2,500 during a series of rigged drawings at the casino. Court officials say an employee of the casino would contact friends and tell them when he would call their names so they could claim the cash and split winnings with the employee.

    The arrests happened last Thursday and Friday at the casino in Toppenish.

  • A 28-year-old man has been charged with attempted first-degree murder in connection with the near fatal beating of Yakima real estate broker 78-year-old Vern Holbrook.Daniel Blizzard is the third suspect arrested in the May 25 beating of Holbrook at a Cowiche home. Holbrook is still recovering.

    Two other suspects are also facing trial on charges of first degree attempted murder.

    Blizzard was a former real estate agent that once tried but failed to purchase Holbrook’s business in 2007.

    Court documents say Blizzard, who's being held on $1 million bail, was upset that the purchase failed.

    Authorities say he worked with two others to have Holbrook killed.