To be grumpy or not to be grumpy, that is the question. The answer has to do with how long you want to live!  Here we go with another of those wacky studies.A recent study reveals that people who are too happy die earlier than their grumpier contemporaries. One reason why overly blissful people have shorter life spans is that they are more likely to suffer mental illnesses that can cause them to make riskier decisions.

Does that mean you have to be crazy to be happy?  Not exactly.  Experts say acting inappropriately cheerful can anger others, leading to potentially dangerous confrontations. Yale University professor June Bruber, who co-authored a study about happiness that was published in the journal "Perspectives Of Psychological Science," says it doesn’t do any good to go out of your way to force yourself to be joyful.

Bruber adds the best way to increase your happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and instead divert your energy to nurturing the social bonds you have with other people.