I can’t wait to post this on Facebook!  No, wait—that’s the PROBLEM! Seems that researchers from a number of prominent universities got together to study the impact of Facebook on marriage.  The potential for trouble is real.  What they discovered is--If you want to stay married happily ever after--scale back how much you use Facebook.

Three Lions/Getty Images

People who use Facebook a lot are more likely to experience Facebook-related conflict with their romantic partner, which can lead to emotional and physical cheating, breakup and even divorce.

Previous research has shown that when people who are in a romantic relationship are very involved with Facebook, they are more likely to monitor their partner's page and comments, which can lead to feelings of jealousy.

Facebook-induced jealousy may lead to arguments concerning past partners and active Facebook users are also more likely to connect with--or reconnect with--former lovers, and that has the potential to lead to emotional and physical infidelity.