WINTHROP (AP) — With no letup from high temperatures and wind, a massive wildfire in north-central Washington is growing, marking a week since flames began to consume homes, farms and scenic hillsides.

New estimates from flyovers on Saturday put the lightning-caused Carlton Complex fire at 360 square miles. The fire measured at 260 square miles on Friday.

Incident spokeswoman Victoria Wilkins said clouds that brought cooler temperatures overnight were lifting Sunday morning, and hot temperatures were expected to be back. She said 2,100 firefighters are being deployed to protect structures.

She added that crews are also working to clear a road to access the main power line to the Methow Valley, which has been without electricity for days. She estimates it will take at least three days just to clear for access.

Meantime, relief efforts are under way in North Central Washington. The Wenatchee World newspaper has published an extensive guide for how to help.