Firefighters in Yakima had to act quickly this morning to keep a fire in a camper trailer from spreading to nearby homes.

Firefighters said the camper was burning brightly this morning when they arrived, and it even caught a nearby shed and trees on fire.

They got the call at around 3:15 this morning.

As firefighters headed toward the scene, Yakima Police had already evacuated nearby homes and warned other nearby homeowners of the fire.

Crews said the camper, a nearby tool shed, and some trees in the area were ablaze.

They said the flames in the trees reached heights of 30 or 40 feet.

"Lot of trees in the backyard as well, adjacent to the camper so we had a pretty good wall of flame probably about 50 feet from corner to corner," said Battalion Chief Mitch Cole.

Firefighters were able to knock the fire down quickly and even canceled some reinforcements they had ordered.

Right now they've switched over to investigating the scene.

They said they aren't sure what caused the fire or even where it started.

No one was injured and the only damage was to the camper, the shed, and those nearby trees.