It's a new month and July starts with heat this week. With the temperatures climbing Yakima firefighters are preparing for what could be the start of a busy wild-fire season. Capt. Tom Schneider says the fire danger is high, because of all the dry grass and brush in many parts of the city. He says that's dry fuel for a fireworks related fire. Remember fireworks are banned within the Yakima city limits. Schneider says the ban has saved a lot of property damage and injury to people. Schneider says "The Yakima City Council banned fireworks in 1992 and since then it's been quiet compared to the many years we didn't have a ban in place."

A brush fire in east valley Sunday was quickly doused by firefighters but they say it could have been the start of a huge fire. It started near Roza Hill drive and Solar Lane. Firefighters contained the fire at about 10 acres.