Several years ago Yakima County gambled and built a new jail at State Fair Park in hopes of capitalizing on the jail rental  business.  When the jail rental business all but died it left the county with an empty jail and a two million dollar a year payment.  Earlier this year the jail rental business improved.  The City of Fife committed to renting 30 jail beds from Yakima County, and just recently Fife upped that to 100 beds.  On "The Mike Bastinelli Show"  Yakima County Commisioner Rand Elliot said "That amounts to 1.6 million dollars a year, that money benefits the general fund and therefore all the other departments in the county, these outside rentals are important and very beneficial to the county."
Elliot says Yakima County has a  chance for 80 more beds from the state which would even mean more revenue for the county.