Yakima County Commissioner Mike Leita says there is no feud between the Commissioners and the Yakima County Deputies.  On "The Mike Bastinelli Show" Tuesday Leita said he understands that deputies are upset at the cuts the sheriffs office  has had to endure, however he also says the cuts are necessary because the county as a limited budget, he went on to say "We're doing business here and we have obligations throughout county government, so that's what we're dealing with in a very forthright manner, in a direct manner, and I know they don't like the answers and I know they don't like us,, they've made accusations towards us, that's unfortunate."  Lieta says the cuts are needed to offset an 18 million dollar drop in money generated by the county in the jail rental business.  Deputies don't buy that argument,  In fact one member of the Fraternal Order of Police has gone so far as to put up a youtube video.  The video uses children to convey the message that Yakima County needs more deputies The deputies argue that the money is available and that the cut from 68 deputies in 2009 to 54 today is a threat to both public and officer safety.   The deputies claim that the .3 sales tax approved by voters several years ago should give the county enough money to keep more deputies on the roads.