Run a restaurant?  Then you need to join us for the Bite of Yakima at the Arboretum on June 28th.  The Bite is designed to showcase the Yakima Valley’s food businesses through a fun, sampling event letting everyone know how just tasty your specialties are. We expect hundreds will attend and  each attendee will receive script for 5 free samples along with the opportunity to purchase further script throughout the day.  To make the most of your opportunity, here are some tips.

1)  You provide our guests with a minimum of 600 Free Samples --they don’t have to be big in size, just flavorful.  You may offer a single product or full line.  As a vendor if you would like to then sell meals, beverages or products please do.

2)  Be entertaining and engaging! The Bite is intended to be a good time for all.


Please make your booth appealing. The better your booth looks the more tasters you’ll attract and the more product you will sell.

4)  Make sure you are licensed, Insured and comply with the Health Department.

Each vendor will be listed on our Bite of  Yakima website with the paragraph bio, location or website and logo and Bite offering (if available).  Each vendor will be given at least a 10x10 booth space.  We will have limited power so if you have very quiet generator please bring it.

That’s it. You already are an expert at cooking so just do what you do best.  Make new fans, new future customers and have fun in the process!  Call Aimee at 972-3461 to join us for the Bite!