The Wall Street Journal analyzed salary information for 446 major U.S. occupations. Women earned more than their male counterparts in seven of them. Farming was not one of them. According to the research, female farmers earn on average 65% of what a comparable male farmer earns. Median earnings per year for a male farmer was $41,043 versus $26,594 for a female farmer. Other notable gender pay gaps in the industry include:

• Ag inspectors - 91%

• Graders and Sorters, Ag products - 74%

• Misc. Ag workers - 73%

• Ag and food scientists - 89%

• Ag and food science techs - 90%

• Buyers and purchasing agents, farm products - 88%

• First line supervisors of farming, fishing and forestry workers - 75%

And Alaska Airlines, a favorite among farmers and rancher in the west ranked highest in the traditional carrier segment for it’s 9th consecutive year according to J.D Powers and Associates. The research included more than than 10,000 passengers.