We've seen many creative foods come to the Central Washington State Fair in recent years, including deep-fried soda pop. What could be on the way next?

The San Diego County Fair is currently undergoing its month long run in southern California. Could some of the eclectic food offerings being enjoyed in the Southland make their way north to our fair this fall? A couple them might be good candidates.

First, the Krispey Kreme Sloppy Joe.


Not your lunch lady Sloppy Joe that you remember from elementary school. This classic has been updated. The regular seasoned beef with tomato sauce topped with shredded cheese is still the foundation, but in this version it's served on a spilt hot, fresh Krispey Kreme donut.  The same vendor is also doing deep fried cookie dough.Oh, the humanity!

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And what about bacon? In recent years, we've seen just about every bacon treatment you can imagine. This year in San Diego, you can enjoy beer-battered, deep-fried bacon strips, and a two pound turkey leg wrapped in a pound of bacon. And no, it does not come with a side of Lipitor!

Could these new fair foods end up in Yakima this fall? It's possible!

Check out the San Diego County Fair website here.