The page was called "509hoesexposed." It went live Tuesday night and was up most of the day until it was taken down sometime Wednesday.  It seems it was designed to identify young girls considered to be promiscuous around Yakima. These girls had no control over their pictures being posted, free for anyone to comment. KIMA Action News received dozens of e-mails from girls profiled on the page who said they were mortified to find themselves under a heading that suggested they were immoral.

Under each picture were dozens of comments about their weight, their looks and other very personal information. Their pictures and names have been blurred to protect their privacy. The insensitivity spread like wildfire across Yakima. In less than 24 hours more than two thousand people "liked" this Facebook page. Jaimee Butler works a full-time job and lives at home. Her photo ended up on "509hoesexposed."  "I was embarrassed," Butler said. "I got really mad about it."

For her this isn't the first time.  She's been cyber-bullied before and so have her friends. "They don't want to go to school because people talk about them or post things on the Internet," she said.

Tiffany Jimenez was also targeted. "It's just a big blow to my self esteem, a big one," Jimenez said.

Her picture ended up on the page too. By Wednesday the page was gone, but Jimenez said the harassment didn't end there. "I have guys hitting me up on there asking me for sex. Saying 'oh I hear you are a hoe,'" she said.

It's just one of the reasons Captain Rod Light says the Yakima Police Department is taking the page very seriously.  "It is cyber-bullying and anytime somebody established a site that the intent is to defame or embarrass them," Light said. "Obviously without their permission they can be subject to criminal charges."

The creators could be charged with a misdemeanor. But first detectives need a warrant to make Facebook turn over the creator's IP address.  "We'll get him," Light said.

To get all sides Action News reached out to the page's creator. We got a quick response calling our reporter a hoe as well.  The page's administrator originally agreed to an interview but didn't follow through.  Jimenez worries a page like this can have disastrous consequences.

"Somebody could end up dead from that," she said. "I mean people don't take that serious but it's very serious. It can destroy someone's character." Yakima police said they are actively pursing the creators of the site.