Anti tax activist and Yakima native Tim Eyman is confident that Yakima's two-thirds Initiative will easily be approved by voters. This week the group Citizens for Two-Thirds announced that it had gathered the necessary 4,400 signatures need to qualify the measure for the November ballot.  The measure is patterned after Eyman's Iniative 1185 which Washington State voters approved last year.  Eyman sent out a release to his supporters today "Nothing makes us prouder than to see "Son of 1185" ballot measures qualifying for a public vote in other jurisdictions.  Pierce County voters put the 2/3 protection in their County Charter and Spokane city voters put the 2/3 protection in their City Charter.  In those two cases, it was conservatives on the two councils that let their people vote on the charter change.  In Yakima, it was the citizens who put forth the Herculean effort necessary to let the voters decide."

Yakima Valley Business Times Publisher Bruce Smith, a member of the Two-Thirds Committee says "It's real simple, we're making it harder for City Council to raise taxes."

Yakima voters will decide the issue in November. It is expected to easily pass since over 70 percent of voters in Yakima County voted for Eyman's Initiative 1185.