Initiative promoter Tim Eyman has filed another iniative.  His latest would make all tax increases go away in one year.  The one-year limit would go away if state lawmakers pass a constituional ammendment to require a legislative supermajority to raise taxes and eliminate tax breaks.  If passed by the Legislature, the amendment would need a simple majority of voters.  Eyman will be on "The Mike Bastinelli Show," today to talk about the iniative. The iniative, comes in the wake of a Washington Supreme Court ruling in February. That ruling found that a previous Eyman-promoted initiative requiring a legislative supermajority to pass a tax increase violated the state's constitution.  Eyman says "The people will get what they vote for, you can't deny the will of the voters, but sometimes you have to work a little harder than you should."  Listen today from 3 to 6 on AM 1280 and FM 99.3 Newstalk KIT.