Do you want to be happy in life?  Really happy?  Beyond our sunshine and the weekend yard sale?  Really really happy? Then here is the answer you’ve been seeking.  You have to enjoy yourself at work.   Don’t take my word for it.  Tom Griesel and Dian Griesel, the brother and sister co-founders of The Business School of Happiness say so.

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

The way they put it is this -- if you aren't honestly glad to be in your workplace, your mood will suffer and nothing will help to improve it.  Nothing?

They are pretty dramatic and straight forward about their findings....Either figure out how to make your occupation and workplace more enjoyable or else find something new to do !

The results of their study yields this list of the top 10 tips on how to be happy at work:

  1. You should like your boss -- or at the very least respect him or her.
  2. You should like and respect your co-workers.
  3. Try to avoid confrontations with superiors and colleagues. If there is an issue that you feel needs to be addressed, there is always a diplomatic forum in which to resolve it. If you don't think such a forum exists, work on creating one.
  4. Set a positive example for your co-workers. Always work to your highest capacity, regardless of what others are doing or what is going on around you. Focus on controlling your own behavior. This approach to your work will do wonders for your productivity as well as your self-esteem.
  5. Make a list of the steps you can take to become more productive and then carry them out.
  6. Focus on the most important task at hand and attempt to finish it before moving on.
  7. Avoid chit-chat beyond what's necessary to be social. Save gossip for breaks or lunch.
  8. Restrict your personal business to your personal time. If you have no exciting personal interests, you need to become more active and "get a life."
  9. Get enough sleep to recharge your system so you can work at your highest capacity and feel your best.
  10. Count your blessings! And blessing No. 1 is you have a job. Just being employed should have a positive impact on your mood, even if you do not believe your current occupation is the ideal