It has taken longer than the participants would like but Ellensburg businesses and college students are officially ready to start working together.

About a year ago 1,000 students filled out surveys that asked them how they felt about the downtown area. The results are in and Central's students and staff said there is still a divide between Central Washington University and the Ellensburg community.

"There's that fact that the students think that there isn't anything there for them so they go online," CWU Senior Ann Reynolds told KNDO News. "They're going to order from your mall stores that are online. They're not going to think to come downtown to the stores that are here."

"From being a local I understand how relationships work in this local area, and understanding how important it is to bring the college students down to the downtown areas," said Hailey Nelsen, a CWU Senior.

A group on campus called Central Communication Agency and the Ellensburg Downtown Association are working together to help local businesses market to students.