We here a KIT love to share some fun things, so this is the latest that Jacksonian from the Smithsonian has sent in. If you've ever seen Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick with his 5-neck guitar and wondered how he plays that thing, well how about an 8-neck guitar! Yes, Rock Ock is the only playable guitar that has EIGHT necks. Rock Ock comes complete with a Mandolin, Tenor Uke, 6-String Guitar, Fretless Bass, Fretted Bass, 12-String Guitar, Baritone Guitar, and even a 7-String Guitar.


So in total:

154 Frets

+80 Fingers

+51 Strings

+40 Pounds

+16 Hands

+8 Necks

=1 Instrument

The staff of Pittsburgh Guitars playing the Rock Ock, the world's largest fully-playable multi-necked stringed instrument! It was on loan to us from the Carnegie Science Center to promote their exhibit: "Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked The World", which is at the Center from 6/16 through 9/30/12.