An East Valley Science Teacher is using his spring break to collect food donations for Oso mudslide victims.

Randy Andrews said the Yakima Valley has an abundance of food because of our agriculture industry and it touched his heart to see such a need for food in another community.

Andrews began making phone calls and traveling around the area to collect as many donations as possible.

Thanks to generous community members, Tree Top in Selah and churches in East Valley and Gleed, Andrews is driving 3-4,000 pounds of food to Arlington on Thursday.

"Friday night I was watching the news and seeing, hearing of the great need," said Andrews. "So I decided I've got this week off, I've got the ability. I just got on the phone and started calling people. It's just been wonderful the response that we've had."

Not only are some local pizza places like Pizza Hut and Papa John's collecting donations for mudslide victims, two other big companies are giving back as well.

Walgreen's donated $25,000 and Lowe's is contributing emergency supplies to the search and rescue teams.