OK, OK, I’m feeling guilty.  On this day-after-Earth-Day we’ve taken quite a few shots at the “green” community online and on air and I think justifiably so. However, in fairness I am going to pass on some suggestions from a popular magazine that we all can do to help mother earth.  Fair and balanced?(Woman's Day) A few simple changes over a year can make every day Earth Day:

  • If you recycle your newspaper every week, you'll keep four trees alive per year and increase the earth's oxygen
  • If you cut one 20-mile car trip each week by completing errands at once rather than making separate trips, you'll prevent more than 1,200 pounds of greenhouse gas from being emitted and adding to global warming
  • If you recycle a six-pack of aluminum cans every week, you'll save enough energy to power a television for 936 hours
  • If you cut 5 minutes from your daily shower, you'll save up to 9,000 gallons of water

I feel so much better now.

Universal Images Group via Getty Images