Richard Roberson has only months to live after doctors diagnosed him with a failing liver. Yakima County authorities will release him as a result of this illness. Roberson was accused of killing his girlfriend of five years.

In a bail hearing Thursday, a doctor described the extent of Roberson's failing heath that includes internal bleeding and mandatory regular stomach pumping. Our news partner KIMA Action News reports that last August police responded to an apartment near 6th Street and Walnut Avenue in downtown Yakima. According to court documents, when officers arrived, Brooks was found dead on the living room floor and "appeared to have been assaulted," with "multiple contusions and her eyes swollen and dark purple."

Police say Roberson admitted to punching her several times in the face.

Doctors say he would greatly benefit from having more resources at his side, outside of the jail.

Roberson will be released to his sister's care.

Details of his release have not been decided.