How Happy are you?  Do you think where you live contributes to your general sense of well being?  The editors of Prevention magazine evaluated 100 of the largest U.S. cities on 48 measures of health and happiness -- that is, general well-being.  Don't spend too much time looking for Seattle--or even Yakima!

Factors taken into account included everything from a city's green space and concert halls to disease incidence and unemployment. The top 10 happiest and healthiest U.S. cities -- and why they can't stop smiling:

  • San Jose: Tops in eating organic produce
  • Salt Lake City: Low cancer rates, along with the best cancer-survival rates among the 100 cities in this study
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul: Top scores for heart health
  • Anaheim: Top score in access to fitness facilities; residents maintain healthy weights
  • San Diego: The most active residents, with the highest percentage of people who work out regularly
  • Fargo: Very high scores in regular church attendance
  • San Francisco: Almost endless cultural offerings, perhaps one reason it has high physical and mental health scores, too
  • Madison: Highest scores in low crime rates and affordable fresh produce
  • Sioux Falls: Highest levels of self-reported health
  • George Rose/Getty Images