There are many stores that sell beds and bedding and you hear about them a lot on talk radio. Many of the hosts have endorsement deals including me. Sleep Country USA has provided me with a fantastic Tempur Pedic. I am happy to sing its praises, and as an early riser I need as many hours of good sleep as I can get.

New information from the Walter Reed Research Institute would seem to indicate that the five to seven hours I get isn’t nearly enough. There are plenty of people who claim they feel great on only five hours, so researchers put them to the test. The volunteer sleepers did their thing in a controlled sleeping environment for two weeks. Those who slept eight or nine hours did just fine on the cognitive testing. The group who slept just four to six hours a night flunked. Their results were impaired to the equivalent of being legally drunk. Wow. Just think what it must be like to both drink and not sleep, but I digress.

The study found that when we get less than eight hours of sleep at night our attention spans and reaction times are the first skills to take a significant hit. Even getting seven hours is not enough. One hour less nightly accumulates to a noticeable sleep debt.

U.S. radio host bed endorsers have, for some time, been telling you how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Now it’s confirmed by the well rested scientists at the Walter Reed Research Institute.  Sleep tight.