What Women's Fashion Trends Do Men Hate?

What women's fashion trends do men hate, even though the ladies themselves might love them? Yahoo! Shine's style blog "The Thread" set out to find out, doing their own survey to find guy's least favorite trends, and came up with these six:

  1. Ugg boots - These boots beloved by both celebrity and everyday women for their comfort and warmth were described by many men as, quote, "the shoe equivalent of wearing a potato sack."
  2. Oversized sunglasses - Apparently men think fashionably large shades make women look like bugs.
  3. Jumpsuits - Both the longer versions and shorter ones known as rompers. Even celebrities have a hard time pulling these off.
  4. Red lipstick - This is probably the biggest shocker on the list, since sexy red lipstick is such as classic. But it seems guys don't like the "un-kissability" factor.
  5. Harem pants - Who can really disagree with this one? No-one's really been able to do harem pants justice since Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie.
  6. Socks with sandals - Women have complained for years about men who sport this look, and now that it's become trendy for women to wear frilly little socks with sandals, men are returning the thumbs down.