Gentlemen, perhaps you have heard that discerning ladies check out your foot ware first.  I never thought it was true but seem to indicate otherwise.  They report about a study at the University of Kansas where  208 volunteers were asked to fill out questionnaires on their lifestyle and behavior, then gathered pictures of the volunteers' most frequently worn shoes. Can you see where this is going?Student survey participants were then given these pictures and asked to guess the characteristics of the people wearing the shoes (gender, age and personality traits). (I glance at my own shoes and shake my head in sadness) The students accurately guessed the volunteers' traits in almost all categories, including, for example, flashy shoes belonging to extroverts, uncomfortable-looking shoes belonging to calm people and functional, practical shoes belonging to agreeable people. (  

SO while we are what we eat, we apparently are also what we wear…maybe that’s what she meant when she called me a heel?