Whether you believe or not, a new exhibit at the Yakima Valley Museum no doubt will get you thinking about Bigfoot.

The museum Curator Andi Granitto says the new exhibition is called “Sasquatch Revealed.” He says it is a historical look at the many pieces of so-called evidence that people have gathered over the years.

We hope people come away understanding why some people believe in this legend.

According to the museum’s website, the exhibit addresses ancient legends from North America and Asia (where Bigfoot is known as "yeti" or "the abominable snowman") as well as recent evidence and reported sightings.

Granitto says it is appropriate that this exhibit is presented in Yakima, the hometown of Bob Gimlin and the late Roger Patterson, producers of the famous 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film purportedly showing a Bigfoot.

A number of summer activities and speakers are planned around the exhibit that runs through Dec. 27. Check out the website for more information at yakimavalleymuseum.org.