We all know why the chicken crossed the road, right?  Wait...do we?  No?  Well, what about the fish?  Why did the salmon cross the road? Could it even get across?  The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has asked the same question and has come up with a program for you help.The Family Forest Fish Passage Program helps forest owners replace culverts with new structures that allow fish to reach feeding and spawning grounds.

The program is just 10 years old but it has already removed more than 230 fish barriers from privately owned, nonindustrial timberland. Some 500 miles of stream habitat have been opened up to migrating fish.

The program hopes to complete nearly 100 more projects statewide over the next two years. Even if you’re not sure that your culvert is a barrier to fish, you can apply and have it evaluated at no cost. And, best of all, the replacements are done at little or no cost to the landowner.

The Family Forest Fish Passage Program is accepting applications until June 30th for the next construction season.


Jeff T. Green/Getty Images

For more information, call DNR’s Small Forest Landowner Office at 360-902-1404.