What’s the price for a mother’s love?  Less than $163 and the number is going down!  Sheesh!Between brunch, gift cards, gadgets, beauty supplies and jewelry, Americans will spend nearly $163 on Mother's Day gifts this year, according to a survey recently released by the National Retail Federation (NRF). In all, total spending on Mother's Day is expected to reach $19.9 billion nationwide.

So, what sort of goodies will Mom receive?

According to the survey, 81.3 percent of consumers will show their appreciation for their mothers with a greeting card, while 66.6 percent give Mom her favorite flowers. Another 33.5 percent of consumers will buy spring sweaters and blouses for Mom, spending a total of $1.7 billion nationwide on apparel and accessories.

The survey says consumers will spend approximately $1.5 billion nationwide on pampering for Mom, including gifts like a day at the spa, while $3.6 billion will be spent on jewelry for her. Special Mother's Day outings like brunch or dinner will cost consumers about $3.8 billion nationwide.

Now, if Mom has her eye on a specific item, she might get a chance to go shopping. At least 43.3 percent of those shopping for Mom this year will buy her a gift card.

Moms, take heart. While $163 might seem a little light given a year’s worth of self sacrifice, it is still more than we’ll spend on our special Valentine -- so in the end, moms rule!