The iconic Seattle sound that is "grunge" will not be heard drifting over the Rocky Mountains for the next week if a mountain of a Denver radio station has anything to say about it.Denver classic rocker “99.5 The Mountain” KQMT is promising listeners it “will not lunge for the grunge.” Leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks, the Entercom station cheekily says grunge staples Pearl Jam and Nirvana have been excised from its playlist, along with other Seattle acts like Jimi Hendrix and Heart.

C'mon Seattle, time to drop all those Denver artists who have...uh, wait...there AREN'T any Denver artists!  Ok then, pull the plug on John Denver and Rocky Mountain Hig...oh wait, we already did...20 years ago!

99.5 the Mountain facebook page

Party on. Go Hawks.