Is there such a way as celebrating the "typical" 4th of July? Possibly, yes. Likely, no.

One of  the TV shows my family enjoys is "Modern Family." The California family depicted is multi generational, multi national, adoptive, divorced and remarried, and contains a same sex marriage.  I'm beginning to think that it may represent the American family more than the TV depictions of families that I grew up with. The point is what is typical today?

Getting back to the celebration of Independence Day, I'm really glad that this year's celebration at the State Fair Park will include a citizenship ceremony. Sure, there will be music, food, speeches, old fashioned fun, and fireworks. But, this is a special occurrence on a very special day. People from other countries who so want to be Americans will stand up and renounce allegiance to their homelands and swear to support, protect and defend their adopted nation, all on the birthday of the United States of America. In many cases these people have endured hardships to get to the U.S. and have worked and studied hard to pass the citizenship test.  They get their reward on Friday.

One of the things that always runs through any holiday as a common thread is food. When you think of the 4th, you think of hot dogs and burgers, potato salad, and lemonade. But other American families that have roots elsewhere may think of enchiladas, or shwarma, , or kalbi, maybe even bratwurst.

Doesn't matter, it's all good and yes, it's all American.