They say it’s never easy defending the Lombardi Trophy and yet it has happened 8 times.  The Packers in the late 60’s won back to back titles. The Dolphins did it and the Steelers did it twice in the 70’s. The 49ers, Cowboys & Broncos have done it and most recently the New England Patriots won back to back Super bowls in 2004 & 2005.Now it’s the Seahawks turn to try and don’t let the Broncos preseason win throw you off your 12th man fan

David Bergman /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images


Here’s what you need to know about your Bro’s and Football!

    • 73% of American men watch football
    • 7% of those men spend 16 or more hours a week glued to pigskin coverage
    • 81% of men are likely to watch the game at home
    • 45% of men watch the game at a friend's house
    • 40% of men will go to watch a live game
    • 39% of men will go to a bar or restaurant to watch a game

According to ESPN in 1990, 2.46 million fans watched the opening round of the NFL draft. The number of fans who watched the opening round of the NFL draft this year was 6.199 million. Men's Health