The Thursday night car accident on North Track Road in Wapato that ended with a car underwater has now left 69-year-old Antonio Carmona-Vazquez dead, according to Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins, reports KIMA-tv.  KIMA-tv says that North Track Road in Wapato is one of the most dangerous roads in Yakima County, but construction to make it safer is being done in hopes of preventing such accidents and deaths.

Carmona-Vazquez drove through a guard rail and into water on the road that claimed another life last year and 22 total accidents since last year, KIMA-tv reports, with construction beginning three weeks ago on the one-point-two mile stretch of road to make it safer.

The construction project, as reported by KIMA-tv, will have the gravel replaced by pavement, the road wider and painted with longer guard rails also to be added at the bridge and the project to take three more weeks to finish while costing almost $700,000.