Davis seniors are looking for community donations to help pay for a senior class trip to Silverwood Theme Park  in June.

A.C. Davis senior class officers are reaching out to the community for financial help for a senior class trip to Silverwood on June 3. According to a press release, many Davis students are on the free and reduced lunch program, and many can't afford ASB cards to attend some school events. It is felt that a number of the seniors would not be able to pay for such a trip.

The trip's costs are estimated to be $13,500 to cover food, transportation, substitute costs for teacher chaperones and theme park admission. Students currently have a minimum fund raising goal of $2,500.

Donations are tax deductible. For Information contact Davis ASB advisor Megan Hayden at 307-4700, or at hayden.megan@yakimaschools.org.

Visit the Davis High School webpage here.