Have you ever pre-planned a dream?  Actually thought about something you wanted to dream about and then…dreamed about it!  I have and now we all can.

Scientists have invented a sleep mask that makes you aware you are dreaming and allows you to control the night visions. It was only a matter of time!

The Remee named after REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is the level of sleep needed for dreaming gives sleepers the ability to choose their dreams and what happens in them. Can you say “Total Recall”, the movie originally starring The Governator Arnold and now being rebooted with Colin Farrell where a company implants memories of a fantastic vacation or adventure in the customer's brain.

The mask detects when the sleeper enters the REM dreaming stage and then sets off a series of flashing red lights. The lights are noticeable to the sleeper and signals that they are dreaming. Once the sleeper realized that they are dreaming, they can take control and direct what happens next win a race, dance with a pretty partner whatever. Sounds like there is some of Leo’s  Inception rolled in for good measure!

Inventors Duncan Frazier and Steven McGuigan based the mask on Stanford University dream research. Remee can be ordered on sleepwithremee.com in blue, black, red, yellow and white for $95 each. (National Examiner)