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We are just three weeks away from the official start of winter and despite the mild fall weather the cold IS coming. And when it comes, don’t be surprised to find your taste in entertainment changing.  The way they put it is like this--“If you are feeling chilly, you may want to watch a romantic movie and, surprisingly, the same goes for your usually resistant to chick flicks guy, says a new report in the Journal of Consumer Research.”  See, it’s a researched outcome…you can’t fight science! “ Researchers found that participants who had just had iced tea or sat in a cold room were 83% more likely to choose to watch a love story compared with those who were not shivering.”  So how does that work? How would being cold cause your taste or interest to change?  The outside bone is connected to the inside bone?  Apparently. "Physical coldness activates a need for psychological warmth, which leads to increased liking for romance movies," says study author Yacheng Sun, Ph.D., an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder.   So all summer you won the battle of “no chick flicks, please.”  But when the snow flies and the cold wind blows, you just may be singing a different tune! (Women's Health)