Today’s show is brought to you by the letter “D”…as in Divorce.  Tammy Wynette sang about it on Country Music radio 40 years ago but 20 years later it was still a taboo topic for the Muppets in their happy two parent homes on Sesame Street and it remained that way for another 20 years …all the while society was knee deep in the debris of divorce.

Well now the Sesame Workshop is working on a segment to teach children about divorce.  The divorce storyline was shelved almost 20 years ago because children in test groups did not respond well.  Way to push the envelope big bird!  We can’t count on the Count for courage?

The updated version features Abby Capably talking about pictures she drew of the two houses she lives in -- her mother's house and her father's. The segment explains divorce to mean simply that mommy and daddy aren't married anymore.

Mommy and Daddy?  What about same sex divorces?  Grover comes late to the party and misses out on a societal shift!

The segment called Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce will not air during an episode of the show but will be posted online as a resource for parents who need help explaining the difficult situation to their kids.