Household luxuries and the status they confer how do we love thee?  Let me count the ways.  No wait, I’ll have the maid count the ways….recliner, man  cave, master grill….no my friend..according to a new study, most people believe that owning a Jacuzzi means you've made it.

An article in the Daily Mail reveals that the status symbol of the 70’s, the hot tub, still has juice today.  The hot tub topped a list of ultimate status symbols for both men and women, with 69 per cent citing it as proof someone had made it - closely followed by a walk in closet.  And I guess if that closet is where you keep your hot tub swimsuit you are indeed a double dipper!

Unsurprisingly, women put the closet closer to the top of their list, while men would opt for speakers in every room of the house. In the 1950s, a toaster and foam sofa were the most desired household items, while for the sixties it was the washing machine. Over time items like microwaves topped the list, but now it's hot tubs, closets and entertainment system gadgets.  Now go rent Hot Tub Time Machine!