The battle of the sexes…as old as man (and womankind) itself.  Both have strengths…both have weaknesses. Both think they are  more capable than the other.  That’s why we need science to referee.  Researchers ran the tests and here is what they discovered: In a battle of the sexes waged in three minute trials, women proved to be better at tasks that require speedy hand eye coordination and verbal reasoning.

Mike Barnes/Fox Photos/Getty Images

Gals were better when they have to focus their entire attention on the job. Meanwhile men excel at spatial awareness tasks, like map reading and understanding self assembly instructions. And guys do better at tasks where they can do something quickly and it does not have to be 100 percent accurate. Hmmmm… sounds like a woman may have designed that test.  Women were superior when it came to threading a needle, mopping floors and --believe it or not-- winning an argument with logic. And men were better at changing tires, rewiring, following self assembly instructions and reading maps. The researchers believe the results come from the competitiveness of men, who want to complete a job as quickly as possible. On the other hand, women were more concerned with being thorough. Why can’t we all just get along! Viva la difference