We pride ourselves on the Morning News in presenting important, up to the minute news and information but presented at times with a sense of humor.  In other words we want you to learn AND lean to laugh.  Which begs the question. Have you laughed today? If not, put that at the top of your to-do list. Laughter truly is good medicine. It decreases stress, boosts immunity and can even help us lose some weight. 

Laughter changes our body’s chemistry. A good old-fashioned belly laugh actually burns belly fat by lowering our cortisol levels. Even just anticipating or thinking about laughing starts the process.

So, not only do we provide public service, we provide a public service!  Who knew you would get smart and skinny  while listening to Dave and  Lance…or as we like to call ourselves “Smart & Skinny” !

So how much weight cold you potentially laugh off? About four pounds a year IF you’ve got a healthy laugh life. You’ll need to laugh for a total of 15 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be all at once, every chuckle counts.